20 Second Drawing Challenge – Christmas Edition

Today’s Blogmas post is very exciting as it’s a collab with the wonderful Ana Regina! I also worked on a collab over on her blog so look forward to that.

This blog post is very different from ANY I’ve done before as it puts my drawing skills to the test. The 20-second drawing challenge basically involves me trying to draw something in 20 seconds and then Ana needs to guess what I’ve drawn. As it’s nearly Christmas, each drawing is Christmas themed and Ana actually tried to draw a version of my drawings in 20 seconds and I must admit, she did a lot better than me.

[The first image is the one drawn by me in 20 seconds and then the second one is drawn by Ana]

Image 1

Ana guessed: An angel

That’s correct!

For this drawing, I tried to show the angel by including the wings and halo to give a visual clue. I think the addition of the yellow around definitely made it clearer. If I had more time, I would have added maybe clouds and more of the golden colour.

Ana’s drawing is definitely a lot cleaner than mine, I think you can definitely tell it’s an angel.

Image 2

Ana guessed: A bow

That’s correct!

After drawing the outline of the bow, there wasn’t much time left so my colouring-in was very rough. I would definitely add more colour if I had more time.

I think Ana ran into the same problem as me with spending too much time on the outline of the bow that there’s not enough time to colour in. I really like how she used a brown colour instead of the red I used, I think it looks like chocolate.

Image 3

Ana guessed: A candlestick

I actually tried to draw a candy cane! I understand why it was mistaken for a candlestick though. Candy canes are really hard to draw as there are not that many defining characteristics. I tried to show the hook of the cane but like my other drawings, I ran out of time to do the colouring.

I think this is a much better drawing than mine! Although she thought it was a candle, if she just made the end rounder, it would look very much like a candy cane.

Image 4

Ana guessed: An Elf

That’s correct!

Trying to draw ‘people’ in 20 seconds is very hard so my elf does look very rough. I tried to focus on drawing the big pointy ears and the elf costume to make it easier to guess. If I had more time, I would have definitely made it cleaner and added some colour.

I really like Ana’s drawing of an elf, I think you can definitely tell what it’s’ supposed to be.

Image 5

Ana guessed: Some Xmas lights

That’s correct!

I didn’t realise how hard it would be to draw Christmas lights until I tried doing just that. I tried to make it look more like Christmas lights by having the bulbs be different bright colours, like the lights from Stranger Things. Although, most of my Christmas lights are just one solid colour.

Again, the part of drawing something in 20 seconds which is the hardest is the colouring. I do like the colour selection that Ana has chosen though, it’s very festive.

spring (14).png

Image 6

Ana guessed: A Xmas tree

That’s correct!

I always struggle to draw Christmas trees so I knew that trying to draw one in 20 seconds would be a real challenge. This time as trees are always green, I just tried to draw it using green and it was very difficult. I definitely need more time to draw one.

Ana’s drawing is a lot better than mine. The shape of the tree is a lot more recognisable than mine.

Image 7

Ana guessed: Santa Claus

That’s correct!

Like the elf, Santa was very hard to draw. 20 seconds is really not enough time to draw but I think I did an okay job although the face is very rough.

I don’t know why but this Santa looks really startled and a bit concerned. It is so hard to draw faces though so I’m not trying to be mean!

Image 8

Ana guessed: Holly

That’s correct!

I actually think I did a really good job drawing holly. It wasn’t that hard to draw and if I had more time, I think I would have just added some more green to the leaves.

I think Ana did a really good job on this one too! She did have to double-check that it was holly but I still think it counts as a correct answer.

Image 9

Ana guessed: Scrooge

That’s correct!

After struggling with Elf and Santa, I don’t know why I decided to attempt drawing Scrooge. I think he’s quite recognisable and I tried to wrote bah humbug but that was at the end of my time so it was very rushed. My spelling of humbug was very dodgy, don’t worry, I can spell!

Again, Ana’s looks really good. She did spell humbug wrong like myself but it’s just so hard to write quickly!

Image 10

Ana guessed: Baby Jesus

That’s correct!

I had to draw something in connection with the Nativity! I do think I did an okay job and I think the halo really helped it look like the baby Jesus.

I think Ana did a very good job of drawing Baby Jesus.

Thank you so much, Ana, for collabing with me on this post! Remember to go over to her blog to see the post I did over there. If you have a try at this challenge, please tag me, I’d love to see it.

Beth x