Answering Your Asexual Questions

It’s Asexual Awareness Week! I’ve talked about my sexuality a lot on this blog so I think it’s no surprise that I’m writing a blog post for it! I asked you on my Twitter and Instagram for some questions and today I’m going to be answering them.

When did you first realise you were asexual?

I’ve talked about this on my blog before (My Sexuality Journey!) but as a brief summary, I discovered asexuality through one of my friends at the time who either was asexual or just mentioned it (I can’t really remember). I decided to look it up online as I had never heard of it before and as I read about it, I realised that I was actually reading about myself.

What would you like to see more concerning asexual representation?

I would definitely like to see more of the asexual spectrum in a variety of media forms. I haven’t read or seen anything with a biromantic asexual character (someone who is like me) and I’d love to see some more aromantic asexual representation. I feel like in general, asexuality needs a more positive representation as I feel there’s still a lot of negative stigma around the whole sexuality. I feel that the LGBT+  community is getting a lot more positive representation so I’m hoping there will be some more asexual representation moving forward.

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What’s been the hardest part about being asexual?

I think it would be the pressure from society surrounding sex and children. From my own personal experience, I’ve had a lot of people who just don’t understand that I don’t have sexual attraction. I then always get quizzed on whether I want children and how that would work? I think people forget that you can still have children without having sex. I also feel that there’s still a lot of negative stigma about being a virgin which can be hard to deal with. It’s a very big view in society that not having sex is a bad thing which is something that needs to change.

What would be the best way to represent asexuality in the media?

I think this a very interesting question and it’s a quite complicated answer. I always think the best thing to do is to not make a big thing about it, like not making it a key plot point. The problem is when it comes to asexuality, you kind of need to make it a little explicit that the character is asexual. I feel like the best way to have asexuality in the media is to write the character as asexual without making it a defining plot point to the piece of media. I’m not sure that this makes sense, but hopefully, it does.

If you have any further questions about asexuality or my experience, please do comment them and I’ll definitely answer it!

Beth x

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A Q and A with Ana Regina (Diversion3000)

Hey everyone!

Today’s post is very exciting as it’s a collab with Anna (aka Diversion3000). I basically asked her some random questions about blogging, books and more! I also did a post with Anna over on her blog which you can see here and it is definitely one you don’t want to miss as I try and guess internet slang. Without further ado, here are her answers:

1) Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I followed few teen bloggers back in 2013 and I really liked their blogs, so I felt like I could do that too! I wanted to entertain people for at least 5 minutes as well.

2) Who are your favourite bloggers?

Uhhhhhhh… choosing your favourite bloggers is like choosing your favourite son, I know so many amazing bloggers from a long time ago and a short time ago and people who have left their blogs, I just couldn’t finish the list!

3) What makes you follow a blog?

Pretty much anything that entertains me or just people that talk about things I like or are interested about. Also, bloggers who talk relatable things and say funny things!

4) If someone was thinking about starting their own blog, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them to be themselves and not try to copy others because that shows sometimes. I’d also tell them to be constant, sometimes it’s hard to grow your community but if you’re constant and you do it regularly, things will pay off. 😊

5) What book have you read most recently?

Well, I’m currently reading the second book from “The Maze Runner” trilogy: “The Scorch Trials”, I love this series, these books are really entertaining and just AMAZING!!!!!

6) If you could visit any fantasy world, which would it be and why?

I would totally definitely visit the Star Wars world, and I’m lucky because I’ve heard they’re going to open a Disneyland JUST about the Star Wars theme in 2019 in L.A.

Why? I really like the outfits, the creatures, the landscapes, the vehicles, it’s just WONDERLAND to me! ^.^

7) If you could be friends with any fictional character who would it be and why?

I’d like to be friends with Krennic from Star Wars (Rogue One)… well, I’d actually like to marry him 😝

8) If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

I’d love to have a shark as a pet!! I think sharks are really cool!!! I may have a bit of an obsession. I have a mini shark teddy bear, I named it Felix!!!!! 😃

9) If you were allowed to have any wish granted, what wish would you choose?

Marrying my teacher crush, that is FREAKING impossible so I’d wish that.

Now I feel bad cause I could have chosen something that actually benefits people. :/

10) Would you rather win an Oscar as an actor or a director?

Maybe as a Director, it sounds like SUCH a cool job *I’d actually want to direct a movie sometime, it’s one of my dream jobs*, and as a Director, you could also act in the movie!!

That’s it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much, Ana, for taking part and be sure to check out my post over on her blog.

Bethany x

Q and A!!

Hey everyone!!

So, Pride is, unfortunately, coming to an end. To celebrate, if you like, I decided to do a little Q and A. These are honestly my favourite types of posts and I just can’t wait to answer all the questions you sent in.

Which sexualities, in particular, would like to see represented (at all or more than they already are) in literature and film? – Gracie

I would love for asexuals and bisexuals to be represented more. I feel like they’re sort of left out when it comes to adding sexualities into literature and film. It’s a shame that they’re not really represented at the moment but hopefully, as these industries realise that including these characters still allow them to make a profit, they will start to include more sexualities.

If you could live in the world of any book, what world would you choose and why? – Megan

This is a hard one. I like the idea of living in a Harry Potter world as I’m honestly obsessed with it. Plus, it would be so cool to use magic. There are many dangers though so it might not be the best choice. I’d love to live in Velaris from The Curt of Thorns and Roses as I imagine it’s so beautiful but then you do have all the dangers. Maybe it’s safer to live in the world of a book like Simon vs the homo sapiens’s agenda which is just our world.

Do you know what you want to do “when you grow up”? – Kirithika

In all honesty, no. I keep changing ideas. The ultimate dream would be an author but as I’ve been told multiple times to have a back-up, I have no clue. I’d love to work with books but then I’d love to work in the media industry. I’m in a bit of aa tricky situation but at least I’ve still got some more time to think what it is I exactly want to do.

Do you think you have grown as a person since you’ve started blogging? – Lau

Definitely. I was really struggling in terms of confidence when I first started blogging and I’m now much more confident. If you look at some of my first blog posts, I didn’t really have a theme and as I’ve continued to blog, I’ve definitely become more open when it comes to blogging about my real life and my feelings which I think is a good thing.

Do you read books based on the cover or blurb more? – Elm

I think on the cover. When buying a new book, I normally pick up a book if I like the cover or if I’ve heard great things about it. However, after reading the blurb of a book, I might put it back. I guess it’s a mixture of both. I’ll initially pick it up due to the cover but after reading the blurb, I might decide not to.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little Q and A. It’s the last Pride post tomorrow *starts to cry* but don’t be sad. I have an extra post going live in an hour so be sure not to miss it!

Bethany x

My First Q and A!!

Hey Everyone!

A few weeks ago I asked on Twitter for you to send in your questions for a Q and A to celebrate starting this new blog and that I’ve now been blogging for a year. Today I’m actually going to answer those questions. I hope you enjoy the rest of this post!

From Grl Behind Screen: What do you think is Satan’s last name?

Before being asked this question, I honestly had in my mind that Satan was just Satan. I’ve been thinking about my answer to this question and I think it would either be Satan or a really embarrassing name. I mean, we are never told Satan’s last name so there must be a reason for that, right? I mean I think Satan Satan has a nice ring to it but Satan Smith also could be quite cool.

From Lucy: If you could choose one thing off your bucket list to do right now, what would it be and would you be ready for it?

I think one of the big things on my bucket list is to write a novel and publish it. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do and am determined to do it. Would I be ready to do it now? Well, I constantly have ideas for novels but I honestly don’t have the time to write anything. So theoretically yes, realistically no.

From Alex Paulley: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

Die? Just kidding. I mean, realistically I don’t think I’d really survive a zombie apocalypse. I have watched a few episodes of the Walking Dead so I guess I’ve got an advantage over some people but only if the zombies are like the ones in that? I think it all depends on what kind of zombie we’re talking about but I do think the best thing to do is to stick in a group and make sure you have a food supply. I don’t want to starve to death. I would also highly recommend weapons, in case a zombie tries to attack you.

From Allie: If you were magically transformed into a cake, what sort of cake would you be?

Ooh. I can’t decide! I mean I absolutely LOVE pumpkin flavoured cake and carrot cake. Then there’s a part of me which thinks chocolate cake because I mean… IT’S CHOCOLATE!! But then there’s plain vanilla which is just a classic. I think I’d be a mixture of those cakes, maybe a marble cake of those flavours.

 From Em: What’s your favourite post you’ve written?

When I first saw this question my ‘My Sexuality’ blog post came to mind. I wrote this over on my old blog and honestly, this blog post is so close to my heart. I think it’ll always be a favourite of mine. My favourite post I’ve written on this blog is probably this one, I just love answering questions!!

From my amazing friend Aimi: What’s it like to be asexual in school? If you had to read one book for the rest of your life what would it be?

For the first question, it’s certainly interesting. I was actually thinking about doing a blog post about this. Is that something you would all be interested in. For the second question, I just don’t know!! I keep thinking of a book and then suddenly I think of another great one. There are just too many good books!! Plus most of my favourite books are part of a series and it’d feel wrong to just read one of them. Sorry, Aimi!!

So that ends the Q and A!! I hope you enjoyed reading this as I really enjoyed writing it. Would you like more posts like this in the future?

Bethany x