Should The Voting Age Be Lowered?

Hey everyone!

So not too long ago on my Twitter, I asked whether you would be interested in me making some posts about politics and the answer was a resounding yes. Today, I decided to start off with a post about the voting age!!

In the UK, the voting age is 18 so I’m so close to being able to vote (only less than 8 months to go). Now, I think most people quite like it being that age as it’s the age you’re officially an adult so apparently when you reach this age, you’re sensible enough to be able to decide the future of your country… but, is this really the case?

Well, in the Scottish Independence Election in 2014 (how was that five years ago?) extended the vote to 16 and 17 year-olds around Scotland. This allowed those who were just under the age of being eligible to vote to actually votes. So, why was this a one-time thing?

In the Brexit vote, the vote threshold was still 18 and over and yet those younger are the ones to live with the consequences. The fact that apparently young people overwhelmingly voted to Remain shows that if there was a second referendum, the result would probably be to Remain.

So, why should the age be lowered?

Well in this country, at the age of 16, you can legally have sex and at 17, you’re apparently sensible enough to learn how to drive a vehicle! So, if you’re old and sensible enough to drive a vehicle, why aren’t you sensible enough to vote?

It’s not that before 18, you don’t think about politics because you do! I am OBSESSED with politics, even more than some of the adults I’m aware of. I mean, I can only speak from personal experience but everyone does have a political view.

When it was the Brexit referendum, I remember having whole-class discussions about our thoughts. As this was in 2016, it was people who were 15 and 16. We all had a political view and would go off-topic in lesson about our political views. Each of us knew what we would vote for at an age we weren’t ‘supposed to’.

Of course, I can only speak from experience but I think young people do have a political opinion. I do think that sometime the voting age will be lowered but not until a different party is in power.

So what about you? Do you think the voting age should be lowered?

Bethany x