A New Adventure

It feels weird to be writing this blog post. I’ve been trying to force myself to write it for ages but the words don’t ever seem to come out. They become all twisted in my mind and I just put it off.

I know I could just leave this blog as it is, leave my last post as the last thing but it didn’t feel right. I’ve tried so many times to just sit and write a blog post but it just doesn’t happen. At this point I have so many drafts of blog posts I tried to write but never uploaded and it’s for one big reason: blogging isn’t for me anymore.

It’s such a weird feeling when you realise that something isn’t right for you when you’ve loved it for such a long time. Ever since I started blogging, I wanted it to be my career. I genuinely wanted to do this for the rest of my life and maybe I will. Writing this, I’m getting the same kind of buzz I used to. I’m thinking about how lovely it is to be sitting with my laptop perched on my crossed legs as I type my thoughts out. At the same time, this sadness and just numbness frustration that I feel every time I try to write a blog post has returned.

I’m not saying that I’ll never blog again. This blog is still going to be up here online and maybe in the future I’ll suddenly get the urge to write my thoughts up again and it can be resurrected on the spot.

It’s so hard to let this go; I actually feel like I’m going to break down into tears because of this. The thing is, I know that this is the right decision for me. I know that at this moment in time, blogging is not the right fit for me. Yesterday, for the first time in three months I actually logged into WordPress as the thought of my blog hadn’t even crossed my mind. I know this is the right thing to do, even if my mind doesn’t want to let go.

I’ve never been good at letting go. I have so many random things that I won’t get rid of because I have a small emotional attachment to it. When it comes to this blog and blogging in general, I have a much greater attachment to it. This year will be five years since I started my blog. At the time, I spent all my time watching Zoella and I wanted to be like her SO much. I wanted to start a YouTube channel but I didn’t have the confidence and I didn’t want to be made fun of at school like other people who created videos. It’s then I read ‘Girl Online’ and I decided I wanted to start a blog too. If you look at my old posts on my first blog, you can tell Zoella had a huge influence on me but gradually I was able to find me more.

During those five years, I’ve changes a LOT. The person sitting here now, is completely different to who I was when I stared this blog. My blogs have displayed me discovering my sexuality, my whole first relationship, and breaking up with one of my best friends. A huge part of my teenage self is immortalised online in words and I’m so happy that I made the decision all those years ago to just do it.

This September I’m turning 20 which I’m equally excited but scared about. I’m no longer going to be classed as a teenager but an actual young adult. Over the last year I’ve done so much discovery on myself and I think I’ve finally realised what I want in my life as opposed to what education and the people around me told me to want.

I’m not disappearing from the online world, in fact I’m just moving to a new area of it. Creating online content is what I want to do and I’m going to do it, just not on this blog. I keep getting scared about what I’m planning to do but at the same time, I can’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of relief that I’ve finally cracked the code. I’ve finally figured out what I’m passionate about and what has been there for a while but societal expectations got in the way of.

So, this is the end of Bethany and Books, well at least for now. Thank you so much for all the memories. I have met so many people on here which I consider close friends and I hope to meet up with someday. Kirthika, Jas, Elm/Ellie, Kel, Elly, Ana, Eve, Lia, Em, Lost, Soph, Megan, Gracie, Megan and many other people who I’ve become friends with over the years, thank you. Honestly, you all have had such an impact on my life and I love you all platonically. As one of the last bloggers who remained from our little teen blogging group, it’s certainly a weird feeling but I’m sure we’ll still be internet friends for years to come. If you want to continue following what I’m up to, make sure to follow my Twitter @BethanyandBooks for updates.

Thank you everyone.

For the last time,

Bethany, signing off.

The Folklore Book Tag

If you’ve been on the internet at all this past week, you will know that Taylor Swift came out with a new album and I’m OBSESSED with it!! The wonderful Ilsa tagged me to do her original book tag (which you can find here) which matched up books to the songs on the album. I’ve also highlighted my favourite songs from the album but to be honest, they’re all SO good.


  • Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink
  • Tag at least three people
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
  • Thank whoever tagged you and link their post
the 1 - a book with an ending that left you speechless

When I first heard this song I was like woah, we’re in for a different feel for this album. I actually really liked this first song which is surprising as I rarely like first songs on albums.

Quests For Glory is actually my most recent read and although it was a reread, the ending still made me desperate to read the next book (don’t worry I’m on that now). All the pieces of the story are brought together in the last few pages in this book so it’s a real whirlwind.

Quests for Glory (The School for Good and Evil: The Camelot Years, #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
cardigan - a book that makes you feel happy and sad all at once

My second favourite song on this album!!! This song is just so beautiful and the music video was magical. I can’t get enough of this song.

Radio Silence is a book that has had a giant impact on my life. It was the first book I ever read with asexual representation which was just incredible. It is a sad book though but at the same time full of hope.

Radio Silence
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
the last great american dynasty - a book with a fascinating and extremely well- told story

This song has slowly been making its way up to one of my s favouirte on the album. I think it might be in my top 5 now. The story that’s told thorugh it is so interesting to me and I love how Taylor then puts herself into it.

I was trying to think of a book to fit this prompt and then I thought of Goodbye Perfect. It follows the story of a girl whose straight-a best friend runs away just before GCSEs start. It was just a really fascinating read.

Goodbye, Perfect
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
exile - a book you wish you hadn't read

A couple of years ago I decided to read The Children of The New Forest as I bought it years prior and just never read it. I mean it was kind of good but it also felt like a waste of time.

The Children of the New Forest
my tears ricochet - a book that made you cry uncontrollably

When I first listened to this album this didn’t even make it into my stand out songs but after listening to it again, it’s now one of my favourites on the album. It’s morbid and dark but also beautiful.

I’ve cried reading a lot of books so it was hard picking one for this prompt but in the end I went for ‘I Was Born For This’. Look I’m wriddled with anxiety and I could really realte and feel with Jimmy.

I Was Born for This
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
mirror ball - a book that feels like it was written just for you

Paper & Hearts Society could have featured in a lot of the prompts in this tag but ultimately, I felt it had to go here. This book has a group of pople obsessed with literature which is something I’ve always longed for. It has asexual representation as well which I wasn’t expecting but was a really lovely surprise. Also places I’ve visted and live near are mentioned in this book so I really feel like it was written just for me.

The Paper & Hearts Society (The Paper & Hearts Society #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
seven - a childhood book that makes you feel nostalgic

The Ruby Redfort series as a whole is so nostalgic for me. Whilst evryone was in their Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight phases, I was OBESSED with Ruby Redfort. I dressed up as her for a World Book Day event at my school. I spent so much time on the website, cracking codes and winning freebies. I even made my own book to go with the series I was that obsessed.

Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort, #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
august - a book that reminds you of summer

When I first listened to this album, I would probably have had this as my favourite song. It isn’t now but it has such a lovely different feel from the rest of the album.

I was looking at my bookshelf for this book to see if I could remember if I had any books set in summer but I couldn’t think of any. The Potion Diaries in a way feels summary, even though I’m not sure when it’s set. I think I bought it during summer so that might be why there’s the link there

The Potion Diaries (The Potion Diaries, #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
this is me trying - a book that deals with loneliness & sadness

THIS SONG!! Okay, this is my favourite song on this album! I really can’t get enough of it so I’m basically listening to it on repeat alongside a couple of the other songs on the album. “And it’s hard to be at a party when I feel like an open wound; It’s hard to be anywhere these days when all I want is you” just gets me right in the feels.

I apparently have no books that deal with loneliness? I don’t know why, maybe I think it’ll hit too close to home. The Start of Me and You is a book that kind of counts but I think is deals with grief more that loneliness.

The Start of Me and You (The Start of Me and You, #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
illicit affairs - a book that gave you a book hangover

The Silent Patient is a book I read a while ago and the twist at the end honestly got me so bad that I did struggle with other books. I do feel though that it’s a book that wouldn’t work as well as a re-read.

The Silent Patient
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
invisible string - a book that came into your life at the exact right time

Solitaire is a book I read during my mental breakdown and although it was hard to read, Tori shared so many of the same feelings that I did. I wept so hard whilst reading this book because it just made me feel so seen.

Cover Sourced From Goodreads
mad woman - a book with a female character you adore

Tessa from the Caraval book series honestly has a special place in my heart, especially her during the second book. She’s feminine but not afraid to fight for what’s right. She’s strong willed if a little naive. I honestly just want to protect her, even though I imagine her as being a few years older than me.

Legendary (Caraval, #2)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
epiphany - a book that is haunting

When I was maybe 8 or 9 we had to do group reading at school and we had to read the book ‘The Pickle King’. I honestly think that that book still haunts me, I still get scared whenever I sense anyone behind me. People in the group started having nightmares about it and eventually the teacher had to abandon the book.

The Pickle King
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
betty - a book couple that fills you with yearning

This song is the conclusion to the love triangle story and I actually really like it. It’s definitely a favourite of mine from the album.

Nick and Charlie form Heartstopper are my favourite fictional couple of all time. They are ADORABLE! Like if I can manage to have a relationship like that when I’m older, my life will honestly be complete.

Heartstopper: Volume One (Heartstopper, #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
peace - a book character you'd die for because you love them so much!

I don’t think I love any fictional person enough to die for apart from some who are in books that I’ve already mentioned. That’s why I decided to go for Noah from The Raven Cycle as he’s already a ghost.

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads
hoax - a book that you thought you were going to love but didn't

I know I should love Six of Crows. I’ve actually bought the other books out from it so I can try and read it all the way through. When I first read the first book though, I actually didn’t love it. I know I was in a bad place mentally at the time so I’m going to try again.

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)
Cover Sourced From Goodreads

Who I’m tagging

I asked people on Twitter if they wanted to do the tag so I’m tagging everyone who interacted with that tweet. Don’t feel any pressure to do the tag if you don’t want to:

Marshmallow Pudding

Read By Starlight

Lost in Bookland

Thoroughly Enjoyed Books

Books With Ben

Of course if you also want to do this tag, considered yourself also tagged!

Here are all the prompts in case you want to use them in simple text:

  1. the 1 // a book with an ending that left you speechless
  2. cardigan // a book that makes you feel happy and sad all at once
  3. the last great american dynasty // a book with a fascinating and well-told story
  4. exile // a book you wish you hadn’t read
  5. my tears ricochet // a book that made you cry uncontrollably 
  6. mirrorball // a book that feels like it was written just for you
  7. seven // a childhood book that makes you feel nostalgic.
  8. august // a book that reminds you of summer
  9. this is me trying // a book that deals with loneliness & sadness 
  10. Illicit affairs // a book that gave you a book hangover
  11. invisible string // a book that came into your life at the exact right time
  12. mad woman // a book with a female character you adore.
  13. epiphany// a book that was haunting
  14. betty // a book couple that fills you with yearning
  15. peace // a book character you’d die for because you love them so much!
  16. hoax // a book that you thought you were going to love but didn’t.

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I’m Starting University! – Becoming an Open University Student

I still can’t quite believe it! I’m actually going to be continuing my education and getting a degree. If you’ve followed my blog before this or on any of my other social media, you’ll know that this hasn’t been the easiest journey. I left school a year early and without any A Levels I can’t go to the traditional university. That’s why it’s so fantastic that I’m going back to education.

Looking Into Universities A Year Ago

Over a year ago, I was in Year 12 and like many other students I was visiting universities. I kept being unsure about what exactly I wanted to study but in my head I settled on History and History and Politics depending on what the university offered.

Something didn’t feel right though. Every time I went to a university I would have a panic attack. It was REALLY bad. Yes, this was the start of my mental breakdown but it’s because a part of me knew that university wasn’t right for me.

I knew the social side of university wasn’t right for me. I didn’t want to go out clubbing or drinking. I didn’t want to share accommodation with people. I only wanted to go to university for the degree not all the extra stuff.

Distance Learning

Over the past few months, most people have been forced to work or learn remotely. That’s what I wanted from university. I learn much better by myself and I could get back on my feet mentally and without the huge costs.

My mum is actually doing a distance learning degree herself. That has really helped me when it’s come to looking for my degree. The Open University is just the perfect solution for me. I can do my degree part time so I can still keep up creating content online, writing my book and all other stuff I want to do. Plus it’s SO much cheaper than regular university.

My Degree

So this September/October I will be studying a part-time Arts and Humanities degree!! It’s part time which means it will take me six years but that isn’t a problem for me. Doing a more general degree allows me to not be restricted into one subject which is something I’ve always struggled with. The plan in the future though is that I’ll be specialising in English Literature and Classical Studies.

This also means I’ll be starting up my academic content again! I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging about it but you never know. I will, however, be starting up my studygram and perhaps something else (if I can make up my mind about books or studying).

I’m so excited for this new journey! As it’s part-time I don’t think it will interfere too much with my blogging schedule but if I do miss some Sundays when it comes to posting, you know why.

How I’m Keeping Busy In Lockdown

In the UK, we’ve been in lockdown for a while now and on social media, I’ve seen a lot of people saying how bored they are. In all honestly, my routine hasn’t changed that much during this period as I’m on a gap year but I thought it would be fun to share what I’m up to keep busy to try and help any of you suffering from boredom.


I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to before the lockdown but I am still doing some of it. In fact, I’m spending more time on the social media linked to my blog such as my Bookstagram which I’m starting to use more. I’m hoping to still get out a blog post every Sunday though.


In case you didn’t know, I’m writing a book! It’s a fantasy YA and I’m currently on my second draft/ first “proper” draft. It’s actually going really well and I’m really falling in love with all the characters I’m creating.

Animal Crossing

I think a LOT of people are playing Animal Crossing during this period. I’ve always played the Animal Crossing games so I was going to play it anyway. I’m not time travelling so my progress is slow compared to others but this week I managed to get K.K. Slider to perform which is great!


Having taken Art for GCSE, I thought my love for Art had been killed off but over the last few weeks I’ve started doing digital art again and I’m loving it! I’m slowly starting to understand digital art more as my whole life I’ve been doing more pencil based/watercolour art but I really think I prefer the digital way.

How I'm Keeping Busy In Lockdown (1)

Planning Secret Projects

I can’t tell you what I’m planning here but it’s actually what I’m doing the most at the moment. I’ll just tell you that it’s going very well so far.


I’m planning on starting a degree in October so I’m starting to do some free online courses to get my mind back into studying. At the moment I’ve only completed one on the Shakespeare play ‘As You Like It’ but there’s a lot I’m interested in doing.


Recently I have become OBSESSED with musicals. I’m spending a lot of my time listening and singing to musicals and it really does boost my mood. I’m also watching a lot of musicals too like The Phantom of The Opera which I absolutely loved.


Although I can be busy, this is the perfect time to relax. When the weather is nice, I’ve been spending time just being out In my garden. I’m also starting to do a little bit of yoga daily which is really relaxing and helping my muscles although I wouldn’t know it at the moment.

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Welcome Back! (1)

Why I’m Learning Korean

If you follow me on my studygram, you will know that at the beginning of this year I decided to learn Korean. Every day up until recently (I’ve started a creative writing course as well so I’m now juggling both) I’ve been slowly building up my Korean knowledge. Today’s blog post, I’m giving you my reasons for starting this new learning journey.

I Loved Language Learning At School

When I joined secondary school, I was put into one of the ‘extension’ classes (meaning I was in the top class) and so I had to learn both Spanish and French for three years, before picking my GCSEs. It could be quite confusing learning the two languages simultaneously, especially as I think in Year 8, I had Spanish followed by French.

Despite this, I didn’t end up taking a language for my GCSEs and not taking French has been a little regret of mine. I really enjoyed learning the different languages and I seemed to be naturally talented at it so I couldn’t wait to start learning something completely new.

One Of The Hardest Languages To Learn

I don’t know whether it’s true but I’ve been hearing a lot that Korean is one of the hardest languages to learn if your native speech is English. From what I’ve studied so far, this does look to be the case but it’s definitely not an impossible language to learn. I know for many people, Korean is a hard language would make them not want to learn it but for me, it’s the opposite. I wanted a challenge and learning Korean allowed that to happen.

Welcome back! (2)

I Love Watching Korean Dramas

This is no secret to any of you. I don’t really listen to K-pop any more but I still love watching Korean Dramas. I also watch with subtitles but even then, some phrases aren’t translated. At those moments, I always found myself wishing that I knew what they said and to do this, I needed to learn Korean.

Getting Back Into Studying

I’ve mentioned this a lot but in October, I’m hoping to start my degree in English Literature and Creative writing. After leaving Sixth Form, I haven’t done any learning and I knew it would be a huge jump to go from nothing to a degree so I knew I needed to get back into studying. Learning Korean was something I wanted to do for a while. It was something I genuinely wanted to learn instead of forcing myself to learn something I wasn’t excited about.

Are you learning a language?

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Welcome Back! (1)

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the relaunch of this blog! *throws confetti*

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll probably be aware that this is definitely not the first time that I’ve relaunched my blog but I feel like this time I’ve found the secret formula to finally create the blog I’ve dreamed out.

So, what’s changed with this rebrand?

Honestly, not much. I’m keeping the name of ‘Bethany and Books’ but I’ll finally be writing blog posts on books (I’m finally going to live up to being called a book blogger). I think I’ve found my style when it comes to writing about books so I’m very excited to start shouting about books again.

Pinterest graphic for this blog post

I’m currently trying to learn Korean so I thought it would be fun to share my journey of learning (supposedly) one of the hardest languages. I watch a lot of Korean Dramas too so I’m going to be writing some reviews on them.

I’ll still be doing some lifestyle posts which will cover a wide range of different things. I’m just leaving this part open so I can still blog about what I love without any constraints.

I hope you’re looking forward to this ‘rebrand’ of my blog. I’m hoping to be a lot more consistent and write more about posts I’m passionate about.


A graphic with the title "welcome back" against a background of a laptop

Top 4 UK Christmas Adverts 2019

Christmas adverts have become a huge part of Christmas and the runup to it. Many Christmas adverts come out each year and brands compete to be named the best. I could have shared my thoughts on all the adverts that came out this year. So today, I’m sharing my personal Top 4 UK Christmas adverts 2019!


The Aldi adverts are always at the top of my lists. A few years ago they introduced the character ‘Kevin the Carrot’ and I look forward to the adverts including him every year. This is my least favourite that has included him but it’s still a bit of fun.

John Lewis & Partners

I really love this advert, it’s my second favourite this year. John Lewis really started the obsession with Christmas adverts for me and I think it did for a lot of people. I didn’t really enjoy the advert last year but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I feel they went back to their roots and it’s a lovely advert.

spring (4).png


Sainsbury’s normally puts out good Christmas adverts and this year was no exception. Of course, it didn’t top their 2014 advert but that will be very hard to do. It’s very cheesy and quite humourous so it really is quite good.


It’s my favourite advert of 2019!! *throws confetti* I don’t eat from McDonald’s at all but this is my favourite. The little girl and the reindeer are just so cute and I love the stop-motion animation style which transitions into live-action.

But why are companies competing to have the best Christmas advert? I wrote a post last year explaining just that – 12 Days of Bethany – Day 2

What was your favourite Christmas advert last year?

Beth x

A Happy Beginning

Well, surprise!! *throws confetti*

I bet some of you aren’t that surprised to be honest, for about two years now, I’ve been blogging on and off but this time I really am going to try and stick with it.

I stopped blogging around February (I think) as I was throwing myself into studying, not leaving room for anything else. I know this was really unhealthy and after some very unfortunate stuff happening recently, I had a bit of a breakdown. To try and help this, I started creating this blog again and it really helped. I found something I wanted to do which didn’t have anything to do with school and I think that’s a really good thing.

So what’s going to happen on this blog now?!?!

If you’ve been a long term follower of my blog(s) you would look at its name and realise this is not anything new. Bethany & Books was my blog name about a year ago and changed it due to problems I was going through at the time. However, when I was going to start this blog again, I found myself coming back to this name and so I decided it was time to go back. The name doesn’t have the painful attachments anymore and it does sum up the direction I want to take this blog.

So, my blog is going to be about… BOOKS!!! Yes, this isn’t a surprise but I know that many people think of me as a book blogger even though I don’t really blog about books. This is something I want to change. This blog will mainly feature posts about books but it will definitely include stuff about school etc. still, just not to the same degree.

I really hope you’re all excited for the return of my blog! I’m going to aim for posts every week (sometimes twice) but around Christmas, I’ll definitely be upping that.

Beth x 

My work experience

Hey everyone!

So, you’re probably aware that I had my work experience week, last week. I had a really great time and thought it would be cool to share it with you. Making a blog post about it also makes a little record for myself so in the future, I can look back on it.

To give a little background, in the UK, every student must complete a week of work experience if they’re in post-16 education. My school decided to do it in Year 12 so it doesn’t interfere with our exam period which I’m definitely behind. I managed to get my work experience down at my local council offices alongside two of my close friends. We weren’t all in the same area but we still had each other at our lunch break.

I decided to work in two areas for my work experience: HR and Communications. Being honest, I don’t have an interest in HR but I thought that would be an area I could definitely get work experience for. The Communications area, I didn’t know existed but I asked to go to an area for media and so this was the answer.

Monday – HR

My first day of work experience, I was in HR. Of course, I wasn’t that interested but I arrived at the same time as one of my friends which helped a lot. I didn’t know what to expect but the offices were an open plan and the technology was very out of date.

I didn’t realise how much filing I would have to do in HR. That was basically the whole of my Monday of work experience. I also did some scanning and printing but that was basically it.

I wasn’t expecting it to be absolutely amazing but I definitely hoped for more. I was happy though that I had communications to look forward to the next day.

Tuesday – Communications

I didn’t know what to expect when I had my first day in Communications on Tuesday. I was in a different area to HR and didn’t know what it actually did.

After a quick meeting with the top people in Communications where we discussed what I wanted to get out of my work experience with them, I discovered more about what Communications was about.

It was amazing!! The person I stayed with for the day was in charge of the press office so I got to see how they dealt with media enquiries. I went with her to help her answer a query phoned in from the BBC and help answer a question from a journalist. I loved finding out all those little details of stories.

The rest of the day I spent writing up a Press Release. It wasn’t for anything too complicated but I was essentially told to just write it without a lot of information or ever actually seeing a press release. I was worried I was adding too little and then too much. It was still quite fun to do, even if it was for quite a boring subject.

Wednesday – Communications

As you could probably tell, I enjoyed Tuesday a lot more than Monday so I was actually really excited to go in on Wednesday. I started off the day by going through my press release with a fresh set of eyes. I changed a couple of things and then emailed it to the person who I was with yesterday so she could change it into an actual press release.

Next, I went with another person from Communications to take photos for their social media campaign. This was definitely the thing I enjoyed the most as it meant me going outside with a really nice quality camera to take photos of flowers which is one of my favourite things. The people in Communications were really impressed with my photos which were made in a collage and are going to be used in their actual social media campaign!!! *squeals*.

My press release was the next thing I looked at, going over it with the person I sent it to. She had changed it a little to fit the guidelines but it was still basically my press release. It was actually used by the Council this week which was so cool.

The day ended with me going to a staff briefing which was quite boring. I think it was because the information wasn’t aimed at me. I was then talked to by the Chief Executive (I know right!) and he was really nice but definitely trying to get me to work there in the future.

Thursday – Communications

It was my last day in Communications which I was actually really sad about. Thursday was definitely a ‘bitty’ day. By that I mean everyone had work to do and nothing to give to me. I did sit in a few meetings (which I’d done earlier in the week but forgot to mention, oops). They were okay but in a meeting, it just kind of meant sitting there and listening.

I had nothing to do that afternoon so I spent time looking at their different areas on their websites and creating notes on how to improve their social media (which they never saw so it was actually quite pointless).

Friday – HR

Friday was my last day of work experience! I definitely had mixed feelings about it ending as I really did enjoy working in Communications but I wasn’t looking forward to going back to HR. Luckily though, I couldn’t work with HR that morning as they were doing job evaluations so I was able to go back to Communications!! I made some job packs, helped write a summary of the Council appearing in the news and read some newsletters.

I didn’t mention it above but every lunch break, I hang out with my two other friends who were also on work experience with me there. As it was our last day there, after eating our lunch we decided to walk to a tea room to have a treat. I had the amazing drink of still mineral water as being lactose intolerant really does restrict you. It was nice though and we had a laugh (especially when one of them took out a calculator to work out how to split the bill).

That afternoon I was back in HR and spent the rest of my time watching the lady I was with, do HR stuff. It wasn’t that interesting but at the same time, it kind of was.

Overall Thoughts

Work experience was something I was not looking forward to. I had to do work experience two years ago and ended up making myself ill due to my anxiety. This time though I managed to get through the whole week, having anxiety but it not being too bad.

What it has done though is make me unsure of what I want to do after Sixth Form. I was really set on going to university (but only a near one so I can continue to live at home) but this work experience has changes my thoughts a lot. I enjoyed Communications a lot and I could definitely see myself doing it in the future as a career. I can get an Apprenticeship with that Council so I could instead of going to University, earn money and work in Communications. I’ll just have to see how I’m feeling towards the end of the year when I have to start applying to things.

If you have actually managed to read the whole of this, thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed it. Have you been on work experience recently? Has work experience made you question your future decisions? Are you at university or doing an apprenticeship? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Bethany x

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My 2019 Goals

Hey everyone!

It’s the start of 2019 which means that I need to create my goals for the year. My goals are essentially my new year resolutions and by having them written on my blog, I can look back at the end of the year and see how many I managed to achieve.

1. Turn 18


Okay I know this isn’t really a goal but I’m turning 18 this year which is a pretty big thing. Becoming an adult is weird and in my year at school in the first person to experience it and then I have to try and avoid going out drinking with people. Yay.

In all seriousness, turning 18 is very scary and that means I have to start adulting which is weird and…. aaarrrggghhh!!!

2. Decide on my Uni Course

This year I start the all-important process of university! I know I want to stay local, especially as I have good universities nearby but it’s the course. The courses I can’t decide with are TV production and journalism. At the moment I’m leaning more towards journalism as I follow the news ALL the time and love it so it makes sense.

I can visit the universities this year though and decide where and what to do so that’s exciting.

3. Get More Organised

Last year I tried to be organised but failed miserably. I mean, I’m not the worst organiser ever but I need to get organised when it comes to school work and blogging stuff. I did receive two planners/diaries for Christmas so they should hopefully help me on my mission

So those are my goals for this year! My main goal is to be organised but of course, I want this year to be fun and for me to be happy. 2018 was a year of things changing and hopefully, 2019 is the year of me organising and sorting out my life.

Bethany x