Listening to Six: The Musical For The First Time

‘Six’ the musical is one that I’ve definitely seen a lot over the last few years. When I was deciding what musical to do next for my new series, ‘Six’ is one of the first that came to mind. I will be honest here, I have listened to the finale song “Six” before this and I absolutely loved it so I definitely had high hopes for this musical.


This song definitely reminded me of the Horrible Histories song for the wives of Henry VII which I liked. I really liked the synth like backing music and overall I thought the song was very catchy and a song I could see myself dancing too. I think this was a good way to introduce all the queens without tons of dialogue. Now this might be a bit obscure but I felt like the moments that were just instrumental reminded me of an 8-bit video game. Has anyone heard that before?

No Way

Again, this was a very catchy song and I felt like there was a sort of a party/celebration undertone to it. I really like the key and feel change in the bridge part of the song.

Don’t Lose Ur Head

I really liked this song and it’s now been added to some of my playlists. It’s definitely the song I’ve listened to the most after listening to this for the first time. I did hear this song quite a lot before on TikTok but it definitely didn’t take away from the song. I felt this song was also quite educational, I actually know a lot more about Anne Boleyn now

Heart of Stone

I absolutely loved that this song is so different from the other songs and is in the form of a ballad. I love that this musical does have a little variation in the type of songs. I think it would be a really fun song to sing and really belt. It was definitely a sad song though which is again very different from the rest of the songs on the album thus far.

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Haus of Holbein

I like how the party atmosphere is back. It’s a very big cotrast again from the previous song. I think this is one of my least favourites but even then, it was still quite good.

Get Down

This song is definitely my least favourite on the album. I did enjoy the build up around the pre-chorus though. I also really liked how the song played on the rhyme “I’m the King of the castle”.

All You Wanna Do

Again, I have also heard this song a lot on TikTok so it was instantly recognisable for me. I liked the pre-chorus again and I found myself tapping the beat to this song which is always a good thing.

I Don’t Need Your Love

This was a different feel to the rest of the songs and I actually really liked the lyrics. From a historical standpoint, it was really interesting to find out more about Catherine Parr as she really is forgotten when the history of this time is discussed. The other Queens joining in was also very good and I loved the harmonies between them all.


Like I said, this is the only song from the album that I listened to before this and it’s still my favourite song from the musical. It gives a lovely overview of all the queens and is just like one big part and celebration.

Overall Thoughts

I really did enjoy this musical. There was a wide range of different styles of songs and I loved the historical learning side of it. I learnt a lot more here about the wives of King Henry VIII than I ever did in school.

I think teh song “Six” is still my favourite from the album and my least favourite was probably “Get Down”. This musical will definitely make its way onto some of my playlists.

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Listening To Beetlejuice The Musical

Welcome to a new series on my blog! If you don’t know, my new obsession at the moment is musicals and I’ve realised that I haven’t actually listened to a lot of them. So, in this series, I’ll be listening to musical soundtracks for the first time and letting you know what I think.

I wasn’t sure whether to do my first one on Beetlejuice the Musical or not as it is the only musical that I have listened to the whole soundtrack but then I thought you would then know my thoughts and that I’ve already listened to it for when you suggest me which musicals to listen to next. So yes, I have listened to this album already and although they aren’t my first thoughts, there are my opinions there still.

(For this I’m trying to make sense of the messy notes in my notebook so please bear with me if somethings don’t make that much sense)

1. Prologue: Invisible

Immediately at the start, I could recognise Day-O which is of course from the movie soundtrack. This song obviously plays from the start of the play which I think is really cool. It provides context but in a great way. I loved the backing instrumentals, especially the violins. I also really liked how it led to the next song seamlessly.

2. The Whole “Being Dead” Thing

I love that Betelgeuse is introduced this way and how much he breaks the fourth wall. It really makes his character more real. I also really like the part where there’s the contrast between the happy ukelele and the rock moment, I think it really helps demonstrate the feel of the whole play.

3. Ready Set, Not Yet

“Look at these jugs!” Like the last two, this song links on which I think is really cool. I definitely found myself dancing along to this a little bit. This song really helps to show how unsure Barbara and Adam are. Also, the procrastination bit at the end is very relatable.

4. The Whole “Being Dead” Thing Part 2

Like I said I have listened to this album before and out of all the songs from the musical, this is the one that gets stuck in my head a lot. I love how jolly it is despite the situation. I think I actually prefer this to part 1.

5. Dead Mom

This is my favourite song from the musical. This is the front song from the musical that I listened to and I loved it so much that I had to listen to the rest of it. I think this song does really good at portraying Lydia’s feelings.

6. Fright of Their Lives

This is the point where I made even fewer notes so please bear with me whilst I try and make something out from them. I liked the 80s feel of the synth sound of this track. My favourite part was Beetlegeuse’s

7. Ready Set – Reprise

I like the reprise better than the original. I do like the contrast between the original song being about them not being ready and this one is them actually being ready to do something. It really does show their character development, even in a short amount of time.

8. No Reason

This is one of my favourite songs from the musical. I think the song is really good at showing the conflict between Lydia and Delia. It does a good job of showing Delia’s backstory that wasn’t explored in the movie.

9. Invisible (Reprise)/ On the Roof

I do feel kind of empathetic towards Betelguese in a weird way. Also, the reference to the original song in the Prologue is done really well, it shows how similar Betelgeuse and Lydia really are.

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10. Say My Name

I really like this song. This is one that I’ve definitely heard a lot on TikTok. I really like how Lydia manipulates the situation. The possession of Adam and Barbara is done really well – I can hear what is happening. I really like the change in the end.

11. Day- O (The Banana Boat Song) – Act 1 Finale

I know this classic song from the film and I really like how they have brought it over to the musical. The pig part sounds so funny, I would love to see what happens on the stage at this point. I love that the song links to the end of the Act just like the Invisible linked to the start of the film.

12. Girl Scout

It’s a lovely change to the previous songs but there’s this sense that she’s going to die. It really does highlight that the show is about death which could kind of be forgotten amid this jolly song.  In the UK we don’t have Girl Scouts so I don’t know how any of that works but from what is told in this song does link to what I’ve seen from American films.

13. That Beautiful Sound

It leads on from the last song really well with the scream of the Girl Scout. I do like how they’ve included this song to show the similarities and the new closeness between Betelgeuse and Lydia.  I love just hearing them both scaring lots of people., I feel like it would be really fun to watch.  I like the dance break too and how they’ve kept it in the soundtrack.

14. Barbara 2.0

I like the introduction of the new Barbara told through this song. It’s really interesting how they’re looking back on their life and realising that in some way they really have got tons of stuff that is pointless to them now.  I do like the integration of ‘ready set’ as well which seems to be THE song of Barbara and Adam.

15. What I Know Now

This is definitely my least favourite song from the Musical. I really don’t know why because it is an alright song but I guess it just doesn’t gel with me. I can see it’s important from a plot standpoint as I imagine it helps convince Lydia to go back home.

16. Home

It’s my second favourite song from the musical. It shows the progression of Lydia’s thoughts and how she really dismissing her mum but realises that she needs to make the most of life. It’s just a hauntingly beautiful song full of raw emotions and Sophia Caruso does sing it beautifully.

17. Creepy Old Guy

I do think it’s good that the show is highlighting the weird way that Betelgeuse (who is significantly older) wants to marry Lydia. They do really well to highlight that this is still a thing that happens in some cultures. From an audience standpoint, you can tell that the others are putting an act to lure Betelgeuse.

18. Jump in the Line

I can not think of a better song to end this musical with. It’s the song that closes the original film and I think it’s definitely the right thing to do. Plus the addition of Lydia’s lines really helps her character finish her journey and realise that she can move forward.

My Overall Thoughts

I really love this album. Although there are some songs I don’t really like, it’s still such a great album. I’d definitely love to see the show sometime (if they ever bring it over to the UK).

My Favourite Song: Dead Mom

My Least Favourite Song: What I Know Now

Have you listened to this musical? What is your favourite song?

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