Blogmas Day 24

Hey everyone!!

It’s Christmas Day tomorrow which is so crazy. I can’t believe that this is going to be my last Blogmas posts of the year. I’m hoping to get possibly two posts up before the end of the year so keep a lookout for them. Also, just wanted to say that today’s pretty special as it’s my six month anniversary with my boyfriend today, that’s all πŸ’›.

This morning was really nice as I took some time for myself and had a nice pamper session with some lush products my friend got me for Christmas. I also started reading Mistletoe and Murder which is a really good Christmassy book. I mean, okay it might include murders but come on, it has Christmas in it too!!

I’ve been watching more Doki Doki Literature Club and although the game is sooo messed up, it’s also so good. I also watched The Snowman and The Snowdog which has become a Christmas Eve tradition even though the beginning is just so sad 😭 but at least it’s kind of happy in the end.

We also went to put Christingle Service and it was really nice. My family and I always make comments and little jokes throughout it which makes us all laugh 😊.

I’ve been playing video games with my brother since we got back and I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be doing later. Probably doing all our last traditions.

I hope you’ve all had a great day today and have a really great Christmas tomorrow if you’re celebrating. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas tomorrow, I hope you have a great day anyway.

With that, I end this year’s Blogmas and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 23

Hey everyone!!

It’s Christmas Eve Eve which is a really weird concept to get my head around. I feel like it’s near Christmas but not at the same time. Like it’s really weird to think that tomorrow’s Christmas Eve.

Anyway, today was a day of getting stuff ready for Christmas Day. This involved getting all my brother’s presents wrapped and under the tree and I think he’ll like them unless he somehow completely changes personality in the next two days which could cause a problem. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen.

Today also saw me attempting to tidy my room and put up the last decorations and I think you can imagine how well that went. Don’t get me wrong, I did do well in regards to finishing decorating and I tidied my desk but that’s about it. I may have got distracted…possibly. Look, if I just happen to find my bullet journal and start doing a header which I’ve been meaning to do, is that really a bad thing? If I was sorting out my draw of books and read my current read for an hour and finish it, is that really a bad thing? Yes, I wasn’t being productive in the way I first thought but I was just being productive in a different way.

I may have also wasted (and I don’t think wasted is the right word but some people might think that to be the case) basically an hour starting to watch the gameplay for Doki Doki Literature Club which I’ve been needing to watch for ages. I also watched the Hogfather which was amazing. I’ve always watched the start but never actually finished it so it was good to finally find out how it ended.

I still can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow. How crazy is that? I’ve got a really nice day tomorrow planned. A nice pamper session in the morning, Christingle service in the afternoon and a cosy evening watching our traditional Christmas films it’s going to be great.

I hope you’ve had a great day today and I’ll see you tomorrow for the last Blogmas of this year.

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 22

Hey everyone!!

So today got off to an interesting start as today I started my period! You just got to love periods, especially when it’s really heavy and gives you really painful cramps. Thanks, body. Today I’ve not done much except hugging a hot water bottle to help the pain which is very riveting stuff.

What else did I do today? Well, I finished getting everything sorted for my Mum for Christmas. I also listened to Twice’s new song which is a Christmas song and I can tell you, it’s really good.

I also got round to watching The Grinch, the Jim Carrey one. Now I know my boyfriend and some of you may be thinking that I hate Jim Carrey so why would I watch it? The reason is that I can’t really tell by looks that it’s him which helps get me through it, even if I still find him irritating.

Today I also found out when I’m seeing my Dad’s family after Christmas. I don’t really enjoy it when that happens as we have to drive all the way to London which is like a 2-hour journey and then sit around doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing them but I just get so bored. I’m already planning to bring a bag of books with me which will hopefully keep me occupied. The worst part is that it’s on my boyfriend’s birthday!! 😭😭. Which means I’m not going to see him at all AND I’m not going to have any WiFi either! I’ll get through it though, somehow.

I hope you’ve all had a good day today though 😊.

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 21

Hey everyone!!

I woke up quite early today, not as early as when I have school but earlier than I do normally when I don’t have school. It did mean I could do an hour worth of reading before having to get on with the day which was really nice.

Like I said yesterday, today I went with my mum to do the Christmas food shop which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Okay, we didn’t get everything we needed but it wasn’t as busy as I feared.

My Dad was working from home today which is always a bit weird. He takes up a sofa in the lounge, normally lying down on it with his work laptop perched on top of him. It’s been great today as he kept having to speak to people so he put on a headset and you could hear one half of a conversation which made absolutely no sense πŸ˜‚.

After lunch, I went out with my mum again as a tyre on my dad’s car had a nail in it. Whilst waiting for it to be fixed, I talked to my mum about all the exciting things I’ve got planned for next year which I’m keeping a secret from all of you and how I do really need my own laptop. She said that if after Christmas I see one with a good deal, I can use the money I got for Christmas and a loan to get it. The problem with saving for a laptop though is that I’m not going to be able to buy any more books 😭. It’s lucky I’ve asked for lots of books for Christmas so hopefully, I’ll survive.

The rest of the afternoon has been spent with me putting up a few more decorations and playing video games with my brother and mum which has been fun. I hope you’ve all had a great day!!

Bethany x


Blogmas Day 20

Hey everyone!!

I can’t believe it’s the 20th of December already!! It’s only five more days until Christmas 😱?!

As I’ve now finished school I was able to sleep in this morning and I very much enjoyed it. Today involved getting ready all the stuff I’m giving my Dad for Christmas which we successfully achieved. We also went to the post office to post all our Christmas cards. We also posted a birthday card for my close friend who lives the other side of the country to us as it’s her birthday on Christmas Eve 😊.

Today also involved looking after my brother and dog whilst my mum got on with the things she needed to do. My brother kept wanting us to all play video games so we have and that’s been fun but it has really stopped us from achieving much in regards to getting ready for Christmas. My dog just wants to be involved in absolutely anything and that does make wrapping presents harder but a lot more enjoyable

Tomorrow we’re planning to get all the food shopping done before Christmas which I can tell is going to be a nightmare. Wish me luck!

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 19

Hey everyone!!

Today was really exciting as it was my last day at school and it was a half-day!! Before school though, I did slip on a piece of ice but luckily my brother was there for me to hold onto and I managed to right myself.

So my first lesson today was English but we actually went and got our mock exam results instead 😱. I know you’re probably all wondering what I got and as I am proud of them, I thought I’d share them with you. So, my mock results were:

  • English Language ~ 8
  • English Literature ~ 6
  • Maths ~ 6+
  • Art ~ 6-
  • Science ~ 7
  • Drama ~ 6+
  • Media Studies ~ A
  • History ~ 7

I was also really surprised when my English teacher told me that they had raised the grade boundaries and marked them harshly. So I would have potentially got a 9 in English Language. A 9!?

Anyway, after getting our results, I had half of a Chemistry lesson were we did ANOTHER Christmas Quiz. I mean it was okay, but not the most thrilling thing ever.

After half of a lesson, I had a break which was good but really cold. Afterwards, we had an end of year assembly which was alright.

Then it was time for a party! Every last day of school before Christmas, we have a tutor party where we play games and eat food. We played musical chairs and I was one of the first ones out which was sad but then I got to watch everyone else have fun. We also played some quizzes on Kahoot which was fun and although I came close, I never won a game πŸ˜”.

Then school was over!! After coming home, I’ve just relaxed, enjoying the start of my holiday.

BethanyΒ x

Blogmas Day 18

Hey Everyone!!

Yes! I am finally back with Blogmas!!!! So I know you are probably wondering what happened to cause this disappearance and it definitely came out of the blue. Basically, on Friday I was off school so I just relaxed, I then went over to my boyfriend’s house with two of my friends and we honestly had great fun. Then I threw up. So, on Saturday I felt really rough and Sunday too but as I feel much better today, I thought I’d continue which is good 😊.

So today was my last full day at school and we honestly didn’t do anything. I didn’t do any work, I just watched movies and did Christmas Quizzes. I was even supposed to have a Maths test today but we did a quiz instead.

I also gave some of my friends their Christmas presents today and they gave me my presents as well which I’m so grateful for. My best friend got me The raven boys which I’m so excited to read.

Now although today has been a good day, I came home to the upsetting news that Jonghyun from the K-Pop group Shinee passed away today. It is known that he was battling depression and from what people are saying, it looks like the demons won. I just wanted to take a moment to say that if you are going through a tough time, you can get through it. I know that sounds clichΓ© but as someone who has been in a bad state, I want to let you know that you will. I also want to let you know that I’m always here if you want to message me, no matter what you’re dealing with. I only want to help all of you πŸ’›.

I’m sorry this took quite a sombre turn but I felt that I needed to address this and let you all know that you’re not alone.

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 14

Hey everyone!!

Now before I start today’s post I just wanted to let you know that I’ve got a pretty exciting day planned tomorrow but I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to write a blog post. Hopefully, I can. If not, I’ll write it up to go up first thing Saturday 😊.

Today started off with a History exam which went okay. I did make some reasons up and I couldn’t remember some specific facts but hopefully, I’ll still get an okay grade.

English was quite boring today. We watched some of the Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo and Juliet film and honestly it just confused me. I didn’t know what was going on half the time!!

After break, I had Maths and guess what we did… not circle theorems! Finally!! We were doing work on graphs which I also hate but I didn’t care as it wasn’t circle theorems. We also found out that we have a Maths test on the last lesson of Maths for the year whilst other classes get to do fun stuff. I think that just sums up how our teacher is.

Physics was okay. We’re doing some work on momentum and that’s it. I talked with some of the people next to me which was nice.

Afterwards was lunch which was okay. We’ve started hanging around inside because of the cold but I don’t really like it. I hate being in close proximity to people and with everyone eating and people barging past. I have to keep escaping into gaps or outside on fear of throwing up. Yay.

In Media, we started watching the new Spiderman which is so far really good. Although I want to, I haven’t watched many Marvel films because my parents aren’t into that kind of thing so I really enjoyed watching the film.

Drama was a nightmare. I was trying to sort out my group’s performance as we had a supply when all hell broke loose. Basically, two girls in my class had been annoying each other before and one started shouting at the other and the other started crying. People got involved and started swearing and it was an absolute mess! So I didn’t actually get any work done which is just brilliant. God, I hate my Drama class.

Anyway, Drama was my last lesson of the day so I went home. As I didn’t have any homework to do tonight, I did some tidying in my room which was nice. My room still isn’t the best but oh well. I can just use the excuse that I’m a teenager.

Hopefully, you all had a really good day today. It’s Friday tomorrow, the end of the week!! Have you got any plans for this weekend?

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 13

Hey everyone!!

So today I was back at school and on the way to school, I nearly slipped on ice multiple times! I’m terrible when it comes to ice and I did nearly slip a lot of times.

The lesson I started off with today was badminton which I always enjoy. I played little friendly games with my friends and then with my boyfriend and my friend and her boyfriend. I really enjoyed it, even when I went to hit a shuttlecock and I missed and it hit my nose, oh well πŸ˜‚.

After badminton, I had Art which was very relaxed. It was my last Art lesson of the year as the school’s changed the date we get back our mock results to the time when I have Art. Our teacher wasn’t in so we just had a relaxing time.

After a break where I stayed inside to avoid any snowballs, I had Chemistry and we were in a computer room because our teacher wasn’t in!! The work we were set was really boring and I finished it really quickly, even if it was only through copy and pasting.

English was next and our teacher attempted to teach us some more Romeo and Juliet but it’s so near the end of term and everyone’s just tired that we didn’t really want to. I mean, I did all the work but I can’t say the same for the rest of the class.

Lunch was interesting. I started out inside, got too hot so went outside and then it started to rain so we went inside again. To be fair, it’s not that interesting but there was some change in scenery throughout it.

Maths is honestly the worst. We are still doing circle theorems!!! We had a supply today and still we did circle theorems. I hate circle theorems with a passion now. Just make it stop!!!

My last lesson of the day was History and we started learning about 1066. It was quite funny when our teacher was trying to explain the story and he picked on people to come to the front to play different people. I was the only one in the class not picked on and the only one who does drama. Does that mean I’m his favourite? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This evening has been me procrastinating. I managed to finish my Maths homework and tried to do History revision for my test tomorrow but my brain has officially gone on strike. I did have a fun time looking at past messages from people including this guy who tried to flirt with me saying things such as “Like when I look at you I just think: smart, beautiful and kind” and “I love your kindness it’s so different from everyone else and it really makes you, you”. It makes me cringe now.

Anyway, I hope you’ve had a really nice day today!

Bethany x

Blogmas Day 12

Hey everyone!!

I honestly can’t believe it’s already Day 12 of Blogmas, the time has gone so quickly. I nearly forgot to actually write my post today but luckily I remembered. That’s probably going to help persuade my mind that it’s good to schedule posts but is that actually going to happen? Not a chance.

So today I was off school again. It’s been nice having a longer break, even if next week the Christmas holidays start. Unfortunately, I have school tomorrow but I’m not sure whether it’s a non-school uniform tomorrow or not. I’ll have to ask around.

For a lot of today, I was working on my secret project thing again. I was all set to even reveal it today until there was a spanner in the works. I’ll find a way around it though!! I attempted to do some homework today as well. I’m supposed to be doing History revision which I do a bit off and for some reason today my brain just stopped me. I think it’s because I did a huge, crammed revision session for my mocks and my brain just doesn’t want to know anymore. I also attempted my Maths homework but that’s just so confusing. I feel like my brain is definitely going on strike.

My Nan came round our house today which was really nice. We all watched Nativity which I love because she’d never watched it before. I also spent time watching some YouTube and I finished reading Beautiful Broken Things which I really enjoyed.

I’m sorry that today’s post is really short but tomorrow’s should be longer.

Bethany x