What happened to my Christmas posts?

Hi everyone!

So you might have noticed that I was planning to do a Blogmas and a 12 Days series on my blog this December which kind of failed, unfortunately.

The thing is, I’m a full-time student so a lot of my free time outside of school has been taken up doing revision. I decided to do Blogmas kind of last minute, towards the last week of November if we’re trying to be kind of exact. If you’ve been reading my posts from Blogmas which I actually managed to upload, you would have seen I had mock exams the first week of December which meant I couldn’t write a lot of blog posts in advance. I was basically trying to write two blog posts a day whilst juggling school which looking back wasn’t realistic.

Becoming ill was the main reason why the posts stopped but I just couldn’t get back into writing them. At least I know for next year that I need to write more in advance so I can actually do it properly.

So hopefully you all feel more informed! I still have another post planned for this year but you never know, I might squeeze in an extra one.

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 7

Hey everyone!

So in today’s post, I’m discussing what I thought about Doctor Who Season 11! What has this got to do about Christmas? Well seeing as there’s always a Doctor Who Christmas Special (but not this year *cries*) I thought we could make it fit. I mean, I’m like a MASSIVE Doctor Who fan and I’d love to work on the show in the future so we’re making it fit.


My Thoughts On A Female Doctor

So the biggest part of series 11 was definitely that the doctor was a female for the first time. Like most people, I was excited about the fact that there was going to be a female as the doctor but was worried that she wouldn’t be written right. Thankfully I was wrong.

I absolutely loved Jodie as the Doctor. She seemed to combine all the different elements of the previous doctors into one big packet. My favourite part about her was the fact she seemed to have a David Tennant quality to her in the way that she didn’t seem to take things seriously. Her one-liners were amazing and I’m so happy that she’s coming back in the next serious.

My Favourite Episode

This was difficult to pick but I have to go with Rosa!! My favourite Doctor Who episodes are always the ones that go back in time and so Rosa was definitely right up my alley. I loved how it showed a huge part of modern history that many people wouldn’t know about it. Like myself, I feel like many people knew the general story of Rosa Parks but didn’t know the story itself.

I found the storyline so interesting and I loved the way that they didn’t interfere with the actual storyline. They were involved with the story but allowed Rosa to still keep centre-stage, something that I really appreciated.

My Favourite “Villain”

With every Doctor Who episode, there’s also a villain. There weren’t the traditional villains such as the Cybermen and Daleks but there were a host of new villains and my favourite monster was… the Pting!!!

I know a lot of people probably wouldn’t agree with that but the pting was just so good. It kind of challenged the idea of the villain being this scary creature instead, the pting was cute and was evil in a sense which wasn’t its fault. I’d love to see more of it in the future Doctor Who episodes.

What I Didn’t Like

I really loved the series but there’s one thing I didn’t really like which was the fact that there wasn’t really an overarching story. With the last few doctors, they’ve had an overall storyline like the impossible girl one but this didn’t have one.

I know that the creators did this so that the audience can dip in and out of episodes but I felt that it needed something. I mean, it had the story of Grace but that was kind of it. I would have loved to see a storyline throughout but other than that, it was probably my most favourite series.

So that’s the end of today’s post! Did you enjoy this series? Tells your personal thoughts.

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 6

Hey everyone!

So we’re already at the halfway through the 12 days of Bethany which is absolutely crazy! December seems to be disappearing rapidly, I can’t believe that we’re nearly at the end. Today I decided to share my Christmas Song classics. These are the Christmas songs or songs that make me feel Christmassy that always make it on my Christmas playlist and I thought I would share them with you to help you all get in the Christmas.

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard

Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Steven

Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney

Do They Know it’s Christmas? – Band Aid

Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea

Christmas Lights – Coldplay

Ice Dance – Edwards Scissorhands OST

Step Into Christmas – Elton John

Miracle – GOT7

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Are there any songs that I missed that would definitely make your list?

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 4

Hey everyone!

So today I found out my Spotify wrapped for 2018 and I thought it would be fun to share my findings with you!


So apparently I started of the year listening to Intro: Singularity by BTS which was definitely a good shout from past me. I absolutely love that song. The first artist I discovered was GOT7 but that was probably because they only joined Spotify this past year.

GOT7 doing a dance during the Just Right music video

How much time did I spend listening to music!

9,103 minutes! That does sound like a lot but I do listen to music a lot. I listen to music every time I travel and also when I’m doing homework so when I start to think about it, it really isn’t surprising at all.

My Top Artist

The artist I listened to the most was… Emma Blackery! I discovered Emma’s music this year and I absolutely fell in love. Apparently, I spent 15 hours listening to her music and I don’t regret a single second. If you haven’t listened to her latest album Villains, you need to as you are definitely missing out.

My Top Charts

Top Artists:

Emma Blackery


David Bowie


Panic! At The Disco

Top Songs

Take Me Out

Burn the Witch

Villains Pt. 2

High Hopes


Top Genres






Oldest Song

Apparently, I listened to Hound Dog by Elvis Presley this year which I don’t remember listening to at all. Maybe it was on some kind of television programme and that’s why I listened to it

Elvis singing Hound Dog

Star Sign I Listened To Most

This is a weird section but apparently, I listened to artists born in Libra the most. It gave the examples of Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron which essentially means it was caused by me listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack so much.

A part form Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman

So that was what I listened to in 2018! Do I share any of these results with you?

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 3

Hey everyone!!

So for today’s post, I’m discussing my favourite Christmas films!! I mean, how could I not? Christmas movies are such a big part of Christmas for me and so I had to mention about them. This isn’t going to be a top ten or however long of my Christmas films as I wouldn’t be able to pick and choose each order so this is going to be more of a random list.

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

If someone asked me what my favourite Christmas film was, my answer would always be this. Why? Because this film is one of if not the best movie made (in my opinion of course). Out of all the Christmas Carol films I’ve seen, this is definitely the one closest to the original book, if you forget about it being a musical.

Speaking of musicals, the songs in this film are great. If I hear the songs I get into a really Christmassy mood and they’re sung by muppets! Plus Billy Bunny is in it who I love and did I mention there’s muppet? I mean common, there are muppets! (I REALLY love Muppets and Jim Henson films, can you tell?)

This film is perfect in every way, except that the version I have is the edited version. Like three songs are missing. THREE. I mean two of them are quite well edited wrong but the one sung by Belle is just SO obvious. So obvious that we watch the song off YouTube when it gets to that part.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

So I know that not everybody thinks that this is a Christmas film and instead say it as a Halloween movie but in my family, we class it as a Christmas movie so I’m going to stick with that. I love Tim Burton films, especially the stop motion ones, so this is definitely a favourite of mine.

It perfectly crosses these two big holidays with amazing songs. It adds a different dynamic to Christmas and is just an all-round great film. Christmas isn’t Christmas without watching it.

Arthur Christmas

This is the first Christmas film I watch every day so of course, it would make it onto this list. I remember going to see this at the Cinema when it first came out and I have watched it every year ever since.

It’s a fantastic modern spin on Santa and how he makes it around the world in one night. Plus it’s just an overall great story, even a little emotional in some places.

The Polar Express

This film though. It’s probably the creepiest animation of elves going (I mean, they just look horrifying) but this is still such a great film. The songs in it too are beautiful, especially when Christmas comes to town, and I mean Tom Hanks is in it so of course it’s got to make the list.


Elf, the classic film. It’s just an all-round good film and I love the references to the animated film Rudolph which is another great film. I just think that Buddy is basically what we’re all like when it comes to Christmas, going over the top with everything about the holiday.

So that’s the end of the post! Of course, there’s a lot of other films I love but we’d be here forever if I named them all. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 2

Hey everybody!

Welcome to Day 2 of this little Christmas series and today we’re talking about something a little different which is the power of the Christmas advert.

Now I don’t know about the rest of you but I know it’s really starting to near Christmas when all the Christmas adverts start appearing and I’m not ashamed to say that I get very excited about seeing each one each year. But why? Why is it that a lot of us are starting to associate adverts of all things to the start of Christmas?

According to an article the BBC wrote in November last year, it was expected that brands would be spending £6 billion on Christmas adverts. Now that is a LOT of money, especially for adverts that are only shown for a couple of months. So why do brands spend so much on their Christmas adverts?

Now if I was looking to advertise, I would definitely make the extra effort on the run-up to Christmas. According to the Bank of England, a typical household in the U.K. spends over £2500 in December, £500 extra than other months. That money that people are spending on Christmas for food, gifts and other things are what companies are competing for. It’s the biggest time of the year for companies and they’re not going to go down without a fight.

But how does this link to Christmas adverts? You see, with each year we see brands trying to be the best Christmas advert for that year and this matters a lot. The best Christmas advert will have an impact on where you shop in that all-important month of December. I’m not going to patronise you so I’m going to assume that you all know that the main aim for an advert is to appeal to a person which will hopefully get them to shop with that brand next time. The same thing applies to adverts at Christmas. The only difference is this competition to be the best. Brands are spending more and more to try and create the best advert out of everyone else.

This obsession with Christmas adverts is used to the advantage of advertisers who use this to be the best and get us to spend with them. It’s weird when you think about it. Advertisers take what people love the most about Christmas and use it against us to get us to spend more money with them for a bigger profit. But hey, that’s life.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting. What was your favourite Christmas advert this year (I will not accept that “banned” Iceland advert as an answer)

Bethany x

12 Days of Bethany – Day 1

Hey everyone!!

Can you hear that music floating through the air? It can only mean one thing and that is Blogmas!! AARGH!!!

Yes, it’s the time when everyone is absolutely flooded with online content and it can get quite overwhelming. I’m sorry that I’m going to be adding to that overwhelming feeling too as I’m doing Blogmas this year!!

Last year I did a vlogmas style blogmas which I enjoyed but I feel like I want to mix up a bit. I want to do them but every alternate day you’ll get a second post too!! It’s like a 12 Days of Bethany with a day in the life post every day too! I’m spoiling you for content but I feel that’s only fair seeing how I’ve been absent in the blogosphere lately.

I hope you’re all looking forward to the other Christmas themed posts!

Bethany x